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This course is for those who have recently joined Pharmaceutical sales and marketing and are beginners in this field. Those who want to enhance their sales and their earning by working on their selling skills.
This course focuses on the development of the salespersons by working on their strengths and removing the weaknesses one by one. Starting from the basic communication and personality development, this course covers all aspects of day planning, doctor selection, patch planning, RCPA techniques, doctor conversion techniques, and targets achievement.
Those who are struggling to establish their brands in the market and those who want to earn more incentive must join this course.
Our experienced trainers will give you practical experience during this course and will improve your skills. Several written tests will strengthen you for the competition.

Online course is of Fifteen Days duration having Two hours of daily Online session by our Training experts.

Offline course is of Ten Days duration having Three hours of Offline session by our Training experts on 5 Saturdays + 5 Sundays continuously.

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